3 Pack-The Mecca Mask


Transcend and go beyond. Polyurethane hypoallergenic material never looked so good. The Mecca is a beautiful form fitting addition to any look. The reusable and disposable mask is easily washed without loosings its form or efficiency. The Mecca mask is for all.

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Made with polyurethane, this mask is very light and comfortable. The texture makes it flexible and stretchable to fit the shape of your face.

This mask can be washed up to 8 times.

Hand Wash Only , Air dry.

Product dimensions

8.7 x 1.6 x 4.5 inches

Polyurethane material that’s highly porous allowing for easy breathing. At the same time, the layering construction cuts pollen, most germs, and dust particles. This new polyurethane polymer is soft, conforming to all faces leaving no openings allowing for ultimate protection. It also allows for greater comfort during long term use. For those wearing glasses, the Pitta Mask prevent fogging. It’s economical and eco-friendly being reusable up to three times without any loss in performance. It is recommended that the mask be changed when it turns yellow through time.

This mask is not N95 but we do offer mask filters Sku 0202 or it can be worn over surgical mask.

This mask does provide more filtration then having no mask.

Additional information

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Dimensions 198.12 × 101.6 × 22.86 cm
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