Digital Table Top

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Digital Table Top Solutions

The digital tabletop display is digital display units generally kept on counters at the point of sale/purchase. It has an advantage over traditional tabletops as it can run dynamic visuals also which is more engaging.

Digitos can make customized digital tabletops- interactive and noninteractive both.

Along with our hardware capabilities, we use various latest technologies like IOT, CMS, RFIDs, etc. to create the next level of digital experience.

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Digital Table Top – Food & Beverages

Digitos specializes in interactive and dynamic digital tabletops that restaurants can use to enable intuitive order placing. This helps restaurant owners gain better insights into customers’ preferences and business.

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Digital Table Top – Hospitality

Interactive table tops are redefining hospitality industry to delight and inform guests while streamlining and automating hospitality work like staff duties and concierge services.

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Digital Table Top – Retail

Digitos is a leading provider of digital table top displays that retail stores can use to pump up customer interactivity and experience. Users can express preferences, record feedback and browse selections.

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