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Digital Table Top Solutions

The digital tabletop display is digital display units generally kept on counters at the point of sale/purchase. It has an advantage over traditional tabletops as it can run dynamic visuals also which is more engaging.

Digitos can make customized digital tabletops- interactive and noninteractive both.

Along with our hardware capabilities, we use various latest technologies like IOT, CMS, RFIDs, etc. to create the next level of digital experience.

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Digital Table Top – Food & Beverages

Digitos specializes in interactive and dynamic digital tabletops that restaurants can use to enable intuitive order placing. This helps restaurant owners gain better insights into customers’ preferences and business.

Digital Table Top – Hospitality

Interactive table tops are redefining hospitality industry to delight and inform guests while streamlining and automating hospitality work like staff duties and concierge services.

Digital Table Top – Retail

Digitos is a leading provider of digital table top displays that retail stores can use to pump up customer interactivity and experience. Users can express preferences, record feedback and browse selections.