LED Standee

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LED Standee Solutions

Digital LED Standee is an innovate and disruptive product developed by Digitos. It’s an edge to edge LED display screen in aisle shape and can be designed in other shapes too.

LED Standee can play multiple roles unlike the printed standee like making sales promotion, promoting upsell and cross-sell through appealing and dynamic visuals.

We can customize a digital LED Standee for various sizes and orientations for any promotional or marketing based purpose based on client requirements. It is generally placed outside of an outlet to grab the attention of the passerby. Achieve more with our state-of-the-art cloud-enabled digital signage, made of high-quality materials in customized sizes.

Our LED displays are an ideal solution for a large format indoor and outdoor full color, full-motion dynamic real life like content display overcoming the challenges of viewing distance catering to large audiences than any other display. A rugged display that can withstand the testing of bright ambient and weather conditions.

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Led Standee Solutions – Education

LED Standee solutions are perfect for promoting a communication/campaign/scheme. Especially for educational institutions like schools and universities, LED standees can adequately offer dynamic information display regarding curriculum, campus information, courses, and faculties.

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Led Standee Solutions – Food & Beverages

Food & Beverage organizations around the globe are starting to hold onto Digital Signage like LED Standee as a strategy for improving their eatery innovative picture and expanding revenues. These independent standing display systems enables the dining outlets to publicize dinner specials, new dish additions and various offers/schemes using high definition images. With our cutting edge cloud empowered computerized LED signage, made of great materials in customized sizes can lead to increment of normal spending of a client.

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Led Standee Solutions – Healthcare

Our Digital LED standees are created to integrate seamlessly into professional adobe. These eye-catching and impressive digitally displayed standees can showcase surgical schedules as well as the reliable information for staff, patients or visitors. Our supremacy in material and size modification according to personal needs make them an ideal choice for healthcare environments

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Led Standee Solutions – Hospitality

Dynamic and attractive LED standees captivate guests and viewers and work as an optimal communication medium for the hospitality industry. A tour of the hotel premise, local tourism, and packages – all these can be displayed through an LED standee.

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Led Standee Solutions – Retail

Let your products grab attention with our cloud-based digital LED Standees. These eye-catching displays definitely will provide you an edge from all the other competitors and keep the customers engaged creating a greater impact.

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