Outdoor LED Video Wall Solutions

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Outoor LED Video Wall Solutions

People are on the move and spending most of their time out of home in multiple places: on the street, in corporate buildings, shopping malls, retail stores or transportation hubs. To reach these mobile audiences with advertising or information is an ever challenging task, which requires impactful and targeted message delivery. LED Video wall screens are large, bright and made for impact. Being digital, they allow for targeted message delivery at the right location and right place, reaching mobile consumers during their weekly routines and lifestyle behavior.

Our LED displays are an ideal solution for a large format indoor and outdoor full color, full motion dynamic real life like content display overcoming the challenges of viewing distance catering to large audiences than any other display. A rugged display that can withstand the testing of bright ambient and weather conditions.

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Outdoor Led Wall Solutions – Ooh

Outdoor LED video walls is perfect for out-of-home display of content or media and can be best used for advertising and promotion.

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Outdoor Led Wall Solutions – Government

Outdoor LED video walls can help governments in promoting several new updates and policies for public welfare and raise awareness.

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Outdoor Led Wall Solutions – Retail

Especially designed for outdoor environment, Digitos outdoor LED display powered with real time content management solution is a perfect match for any industry, for any outdoor communication.

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Outdoor Led Wall Solutions – Sports & Entertainment

Outdoor LED video wall solutions by Digitos can work wonders for sports and entertainment venue. Interactive and high quality displays can successfully grab eyeballs.

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Outdoor Led Wall Solutions – Food & Beverages

Outdoor LED video walls from Digitos can help you promote your restaurant menu. The attractive imagery grabs attention and encourages footfall.

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Outdoor Led Wall Solutions – Condominiums

We at Digitos, provide one stop solution for outdoor LED video walls for advertising, digital signage and broadcast in condominiums for outdoor display and communication.

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Outdoor Led Wall Solutions – Education

Outdoor LED video walls can work great for the education sector to share a wide variety of information and attract students to campus.

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Outdoor Led Wall Solutions – Healthcare

High brightness outdoor LED video walls can help healthcare industry in providing critical information and specialty displays.

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