Solution For Retail

Solution for Retail

Showcase your business with the versatility of high quality wall displays with Digitos. We offer retail video wall solutions across Bangalore that can help your business garner more attention and enjoy generous footfall.

Our commitment to high quality, edgy and state of the art technology is unparalleled. Whether it is creating immersive customer experiences or interacting with information in new innovative ways, we aim to bring visual experiences to life. A viewing experience like no other, Digitos distinct wall solutions in Bangalore exude a subtle and sleek look from every angle and gives endless opportunities for creative expression.

Visual communication is a powerful tool for your business that can be used to educate, engage and inspire target audiences. Our integrated multimedia solutions provide great opportunity to interact amidst public avenues. These video wall solutions can transform the experience of shopping, working as well as socializing when used for messaging, advertising and entertainment




Outdoor / OOH


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Digital Signage Solution – Retail

Digital Signage solutions for the retail industry work effectively for brands by highlighting rich customized content. It provides an enhanced experience to retail customers and also promotes brand image. Moreover, retail digital signage gives stores a definite edge over their competition which helps in increased sales and assists them in delivering customer-focused dynamic content.

Indoor Led Video Wall Solutions – Retail

LED video walls offer high-resolution seamless images and outstanding viewership that makes watching a pleasurable experience. AT retail stores, this helps in better shopping experience for customers.

Outdoor Led Wall Solutions – Retail

Especially designed for outdoor environment, Digitos outdoor LED display powered with real time content management solution is a perfect match for any industry, for any outdoor communication.

Led Standee Solutions – Retail

Let your products attenuate with our cloud based digital LED Standees. You can easily manage your digital displays from anywhere in the world. These eye-catching displays definitely will provide you an edge from all the other competitors and keep the customers engaged creating a greater impact.

Zone Highlighter – Retail

Brands can put forth their messages and work with highly focused promotion of their products with a zone highlighter from Digitos.

Dynamic Flange – Retail

Flanges are an integral part of retail stores and it has still maintained its importance. Promote your retail store and bring value to the brands you house. With strategic positioning, dynamic flange by Digitos can give you the best returns.

Digital Table Top – Retail

Digitos is a leading provider of digital table top displays that retail stores can use to pump up customer interactivity and experience. Users can express preferences, record feedback and browse selections.

Touch Display Kiosk – Retail

Retail stores can use touch displays for visual merchandising encouraging people to touch and feel your products.

Variable Message Solutions – Retail

Increase customer engagement by dynamic variable message signs by Digitos. Grab attention and design targeted promotions to build brand presence and drive new customers.

E Poster Display Solutions – Retail

This revolutionary technology can boost business for retailers manifold. It has begun to carve a niche for itself in the field of retail advertising in the form of in-store advertising spots which retailers can use to engage with existing and potential buyers.